Studio Hourly Rates


  • Studio A starts at $125.00 Hr
  • Studio B starts at $125.00 Hr
  • Studio C starts at $75.00  Hr
  • Studio D starts at $40.00 Hr
  • Location Services ( FILM ) $ 75.00 Hr
  • hourly and block prices come with an engineer


Studio Block Rates


block rates for Studio A 8Hrs - $800.00

block rates for Studio B 8Hrs - $800.00

block rates for Studio C 8Hrs - $400.00

We no longer rent studio rooms monthly


Booking Policies and Payment



    • Acceptable Forms of Payment including cash, select credit/debit cards.
    • We no longer accept checks at this time.
    • Make online payments and deposits to :





  • 50% Deposits are required for all studio sessions booked.  Deposits are only refunded with 48 hours notice.
  1. The studio maintains a 3 hour minimum to book time.
  2. To reschedule/cancel a session, please allow 48 hours prior notice. Failure to give 48 hours notice will result in loss of deposit.

The studio will provide a professional and clean environment to record in, as well as drinking water and coffee. Kitchen area features a microwave, toaster oven and fridge for your convenience. There is a five guest limit (not including artists) to ensure quality service. No pets at this time please.

We do not allow smoking in the rooms or the building, nor loitering.

Hourly Recording Rates include an Engineer, but not mixing or editing.




Genral Studio rules:

No matter which room you or your guests are in, if you break it, you bought it. :-)

Only drinks with lids are allowed in the studios, no open containers.

We don't allow loitering, so don't invite more than the session will hold.

You may enjoy a light snack in the rooms, but do not eat large meals in the studios.

The studio is not responsible for items left after the session.

Make sure to back up your work, we only keep material 30 Days.

food left in the fridge will be tossed, unless it's pizza. We love pizza.

Session and material will be released after full payment. Sorry, no checks. period

please, flush the toilet. Interns hate this :-)

There is absolutely NO Smoking in the building. None.

Do not bring your pets, it's not a kennel

If you're in the studio after the session time, the clock is still running. You will be billed.

Reservation Information



Reservation Form