Control Room A

Studio A features a 64 input SSL J9000,  Pro Tools HDX 12, Augspurger 15" Mains, genelecs, NS-10m,  and loads of Outboard gear. 12 core Mac Pro with 64 gb of memory. The studio will seat 10 clients, with both an engineer and assistant comfortably. The control room is 450 square feet.

Studio A

Studio A features a medium sized tracking room designed for natural sound reproduction, with tie lines to the control room, iso a, iso b, hallways and lounge. with 650 square feet, the room will accommodate a full band or choir. The Live room also is used for Post film Foley work.

Iso A

Studio A has two isolation booths along with the live sound room. Iso 1 is attached to the live room and is set up with a direct line of site to the live room, control room, and iso 2.Iso 2 is located on the opposite side of the control room and is acoustically dead, versus iso 1 being more open.


Control room B

Studio B offers up a host of Video and Audio Post Production tools, and includes a three monitor setup with a center 4K monitor, and independent 1080p sides. The studio is equipped with a 12 core mac pro, with dual graphics cards, 64 gigs of memory, and SSD drives. Software includes the entire Adobe CC suite, MAYA LT, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, and Pro Tools 12.7.1. It has a 5'x7' vocal booth for ADR and vocal over dubbing. this studio fits up to 6 people max.

Control room C

Studio C is our smallest, most affordable option for Audio and Video work. Mainly designed as an ADR room, it can also accommodate the Avid song writer. the room features an 8 core Mac pro, pro tools 12.6, Adobe CC, Final Cut X and NS-10M speakers. The booth is 5'x7', and the studio seats 4 guests.